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Michael Carey - CS 313 Class

Michael Carey in suit

I would like to briefly introduce myself: I am Michael Carey, a self-starter and entrepreneurial minded go getter who is always looking to improve both my technical skills but most importantly in soft skills. I have been in the software development and engineering field for 15+ years. I feel that the real key difference between good and great have a lot to do with the development of self and interpersonal skills. The adage, “readers are leaders” in my belief is quite true. Facilitating the development of people and the teams that they work on is the real grease that moves business along and understanding the agile method of development has greatly help me to move my work to the next level. Even if deadlines occasionally slip, focusing on the team and its ability to deliver quality work are the real skills that people in industry are looking for. I am confident in my ability to deliver what I commit to and working with others to help the whole team win as one!

In senior high Michael grabbed his father's ANSI C programming manual and taught himself C programming using Microsoft's Quick C Compiler. After graduating high school, he was hired as a junior level programmer working for Cogito, Inc. From there he worked as a team member in the Starbucks Coffee third level store support and was responsible for all North American stores interfacing directly with the developers to solve store level issues.

After Starbucks, Michael left on his mission from Dec 1999 to Nov 2001 for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Arizona Tempe Mission. After working a contract job for Microsoft he left for BYU-Idaho in 2003 and began his studies for a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science. In 2005 Michael took a year break to start a company called KumuSoft, LLC with two other partners writing a web application for genealogical research and presentation. Sadly, the company did not survive and he then refocused his efforts in school.

During 2007, while in school, Michael began the development of AdverTran. He has since continued to work with Carey and Associates, Inc. and to do various contract jobs. Michael was happily married to Nicole in the beginning of 2010 and finishing out his Associates Degree in December of 2012 primarily through online correspondence while continuing his professional career.

In 2013, Michael began a personal development program through self-directed education, studying business and leadership principles. Fast forwarding to 2016 he then established his own personal business called A-Game Empowerment, LLC. The development of this business is ongoing and slated to become a personal mentorship and coaching business for individuals looking to improve themselves in Finance, Business, and Personal Development. To accomplish these goals, he is currently in development of a web portal and service for his customers.

Source code and files can be found at CS 313 Git Repo