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Technical Resume for Full Stack Development Project

NOTE: If you came by this page on my released site, www.MLMLinkup.com I would recommend trying my development server located at dev.MLMLinkup.com which will have a larger amount of demo data available for your perusal, giving a better example of the site's features and functionality.

This is an overview of what went into the development of the MLMLinkup website, which includes the skills, technologies, and tools employed in its creation. Please note that this is still a work in progress and that some features, functionality, or page views may not work exactly as desired or may graphically render incorrectly based on responsive design principles. So, stay tuned... The site will continue to evolve over the next several weeks!

If you are more interested in my work history you can find my full resume here.

About Michael Carey
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I would like to briefly introduce myself: I am a self-starter, entrepreneurial minded go getter who is always looking to improve both my technical skills but most importantly in soft skills. I feel that the real key difference between good and great have a lot to do with the development of self and interpersonal skills. The adage, “readers are leaders” in my belief is quite true. Facilitating the development of people and the teams that they work on is the real grease that moves business along and understanding the agile method of development has greatly help me to move my work to the next level. Even if deadlines occasionally slip, focusing on the team and its ability to deliver quality work are the real skills that people in industry are looking for. I am confident in my ability to deliver what I commit to and working with others to help the whole team win as one!